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Stepping Up for Change

Imagine if everyone in your company acted like an owner, positively influenced people around them by taking initiative and got people working across silos.

How would creating a culture of ownership impact your business for the Greater Good?

This program is designed for front-line employees and leadership teams who want to get more out of their people and teams through creating a climate of people who act like owners.

Based on the Best Selling Book, Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything. The Stepping Up is seeing a need and deciding you are the right person to do something about it.

The Stepping Up Program is designed around these key concepts:

  • How to individually step up and “own” the problem within your sphere of influence
  • Creating a climate of responsibility and leverage the “responsibility ripple”
  • Cultivating an “initiator vs. victim” approach in challenging situations
  • Fostering a culture that is tight on the “Why” and loose on the “How”
  • Inspiring behaviour change by giving people a “seat at the table”


The stepping up program helped us significantly improve our net promoter score.”

We increased our engagement scores dramatically in just one survey cycle.”